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Discussion on control factors of PVC extrusion adhesive strip forming process
Date:2017-06-29 18:06:28 Read:
An important factor in the forming process, the temperature refers to the rubber barrel in the melt temperature, and the barrel and screw the temperature to a certain extent in control of rubber melt temperature, so in the actual production, most of the barrel temperature to approximate the molding temperature. The temperature difference and temperature fluctuation in the production have certain influence on the quality of the adhesive strip, so that the residual stress of the adhesive tape is produced, the surface is dark and dull, and the uneven intensity of the points occurs.
The second control factor in PVC extrusion molding process is the traction speed. The traction effect occurs in the extrusion molding die and die from the plastic parts, the tractive force of the stretching orientation, the higher the tensile orientation degree, strip along the orientation orientation on the tensile strength is also bigger, at the same time after cooling shrinkage is relatively large. Therefore, in the normal production, the traction speed and extrusion rate is best, the ratio of the formation of the ratio of traction is slightly greater than 1.
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