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Industry Information
Storage of PVC extruded strip notes
Date:2017-06-29 18:06:28 Read:
Should pay attention to choose cool and ventilated place, avoid sunlight for a long time exposure in the glue strip, leading to the quality of glue strip decline, especially in the sun relatively strong summer, more should pay attention to this problem. Avoid fire, water and corrosive substances in the warehouse so as to prevent the strip from being damaged and the quality falling. Workers should open the windows regularly and disperse the damp air in the warehouse to prevent the damp.
When the worker carries PVC to extrude the rubber strip, the measurement does not drag or drop in the air in the ground, in case the rubber strip packing is destroyed or even disperses, has the very big influence to the rubber strip quality. Different colors, specifications of the best strip can be placed separately, but also to avoid the accumulation of excessive tape, shape and so on. In addition, the glue bar on the ground is best sold in time, and it is easy to damp and affect the performance when it is exposed to the ground for a long time.
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